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a book dedicated to 1.6

scale photography

When Brad Pitt came into my life just over a year ago, I didn’t think I would be sharing with you our travels, the holidays in South Africa, the sunsets in Dubai and just the every day kinda stuff we have done together! 

Of course, I am talking about Brad, the 1.6 scale version! You didn’t think I was talking about thee Brad Pitt, did you?

Well, rather unusually this is how my book came to life; REAL, a book dedicated to 1.6 scale photography.

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 01   the story behind REAL


This book really started with my passion for photography, a project I set myself to enhance my technical skills as a photographer, which started almost two years ago now. So, let me tell you a little bit about it all...

You may be wondering about the name ‘Pepper Lou Project’ and exactly what is this? What does it relate to? Am I on the run and need an alias? I know, a million questions, right? The simple truth is, I wanted a name that wouldn’t pigeon hole me in a singular creative niche. I want to be much more than just a photographer. I like Pepper Lou Project, as it kinda sounds like a band, which is cool in its self; and it’s not too formal. But the story   behind choosing this name is quite straight forward. I enjoy watching old detective shows and my favourite is Police Woman; I loved Angie Dickinson and her character, Pepper Anderson. So I gratefully borrowed the ‘pepper’ bit. Lou is sort for Louise my middle name and Project stands for all the creative things I intend to embark upon. And so was born Pepper Lou Project …

And now onto my book; REAL, a book dedicated to 1.6 scale photography. It features 4 main characters based on the likenesses of Brad Pitt, Wentworth Miller, James Franco and the Holyman! For the images I took inspiration from the movies, pop and rock stars, high-end fashion magazines and my own imagination.

I never dreamed that I would find somebody like you, oops! That's a lyric to a song, what I meant to say is, I never dreamed that one day I would be in a position to self-publish my very own book. It really has been a labour of love. The book has been printed by a local printing firm, (well by about 2 hours), which meant I could go and see their printing presses and speak with the experts about how we could produce something very special. I am so proud to now have a book that I know you will love and will cherish.


 02   sample images from the book

 03  a little about me


This is me, Kristi and I style and photograph action figures.

They are roughly 12" tall and they are just great to work

with. I must confess, I love Brad Pitt and when I found a

12" (1.6 scale) version of him as the character Tyler Durden

in Fight Club, I was hooked. That is when this project started.

I also photograph big people and I have been involved in a couple of films as the production photographer. Growing up, I always had a camera and photography is part of who I am. Creating this book was a personal journey that I started over 2 years ago, I am so delighted that I can share my work with you. If you have a dream, never give up. If you want to try something, go for it, you never know where it may take you in life. Be passionate, be creative, be you

Here my story in conversation with photographer, Gina Milicia


 04  order now

I have worked closely with a local printing firm Martins Book Printers, who have been printing books for over 100 years. I wanted to produce a book for you that was high quality with a personal touch. It has been designed to be taken everywhere with you, it is durable and just lovely to hold.

The specifications for print

Size 8"x 10"

14 mm spine with a Wilabiln Natural Graphite finish

94 printed pages

Digital full colour

150gsm edixion offset paper

Front & back PPC Matt Laminate cover

End papers in Wilabiln Natural Graphite

Please do be aware that due to the custom nature of printing the book, delivery can take up to 8 weeks.

Notification will be sent to you when your book is on its way to you. Thank you for your patience

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 05   please do feel free to email me